The compact solutions are engineered to produce long-lasting, photo-quality dry ink prints and are available in multiple configurations. Calculated according to our criteria. Over 60 Years of Innovation Today, with service technicians across the U. The outstanding capacity of approximately 2, prints 4R per hour is first-rate among digital minilabs. The QSS combines power and size. Traditional Photo Lab Solutions Noritsu traditional wet process printers are the industry standard. The components of the operation section PC, monitor, scanner, etc.

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A high-speed printer-processor produces quality prints from wallet size to The QSS Series, in parallel with the conventional units, we offer flexibility to our customers as the printer supports various color photographic papers and processing pdinter.

The new QSS PLUS is a user-friendly, efficient, cost-effective minilab system that combines the same basic features as the QSS series with even more features that meet a wide variety of customer needs, such as the ability to form a network connecting multiple printers, and a versatile layout in which the operation section PC, monitor, scanner etc.

Both systems integrate easily into your existing network and enhance your digital workflow to provide extraordinary productivity and fast return on investment.

The Green IV also offers automatic print sorting.

Noritsu Precision launches new high performance Silver Halide printer, “QSS-39 Series”

You can surprise your customers by offering new services they never thought possible, and the high-performance Noritsu QSSHD series provides the ideal environment for doing this. To fulfill your needs for noriteu quality, Noritsu bring you a system that boasts high resolution and high definition.


It boasts a inch roll capacity and the ability to print up to Noritsu QSS Plus. It is ideal for affordable, and reliable printing without compromise. This stand-alone printer is scheduled to be released worldwide at the end of September The all-digital inkjet Noritsu Model D is equally suitable for self-processing photographic retailers and photographers.

Devices and aids for the production of individual photo books, photo calendars and other value-added image products. Free Subscriptions Current Issue. Can be used as a printer dedicated to making prints from digital media.

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Usability is as good as that of existing units. As high-end digital cameras are becoming more prevalent, the expectations for prints are higher and more complex. It can be installed in networked computers, providing a flexible system in which image editing can be carried out efficiently with multiple computers.

A revolution in beauty The pursuit of beauty may seem like chasing an intangible and unattainable dream. Therefore, there is no need for operator to conduct calibration work manually.

With digital camera correction. Join our team and help us provide excellent service to customers across the US and Canada! All these extra pixels result in finely detailed prints that have a dimension that is not available with other printers.

Noritsu QSS Digital. Digital Noritsu minilab

This reduces the prep time required before business hours, helping you to reduce labor fees and use your time more efficiently.

For icing on the cake, the Pdinter QSSHD has a newly developed laser engine that has an unprecedented resolution of dpi for both main scanning and sub scanning, and this results in prints with 5 times more pixels than prints made with previous minilabs. Profiles Please contact our Technical Support: We use cookies on this website. AccuSmart imaging software enables users to network their equipment, set up a workflow and run production with norittsu level of automation they choose.


Noritsu Debuts QSS Green IV Inkjet Photo Lab Solution – Digital Imaging Reporter

Take advantage of a vast network of Local Prints Now users in your area by signing up to be a partner lab. It is comprised of a touch-screen monitor with an integrated PC and a memory card storage block and is always state-of-the-art at its time of installation.

The QS S HD was developed under our certified product development syste m, which is constantly striving for improvement and is always aiming to develop versatile machines that go beyond the present market needs. We hope that you will take advantage of all that Noritsu machines have to offer, and use them to build an exciting shop.

The components of the qsw section PC, monitor, scanner, etc. This enables the control strip to be processed automatically when processing begins. Our high capacity compartible Noritsu ink is a versatile ink catridge that delivers crisp, clear text documents and glossy, lab-quality photos.