Look at your PS and tell us the make and model, and all the numbers that are printed on it. Hi there I have the same problem I opened my pc case and removed the old fan on the graphic card ati radeon tx and installed this one this one But if I play a game the screen also goes to stand by mode Please help me: It’s been a while! Radeon performance and overclocking Apr 17, Sign up for free , it takes 30 seconds. I can’t gaurantee that this is your problem, but it could very well be.

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Hi I bought a tagan w and played some 3d things but the screen still goes on stand-by but now it takes longer than before. Go onto Steam’s web site and do a search for “validate files” or something like that. It think that will solve the problem because it worked fine for 2 years with the W PSU, and now it doesn’t with W PSU that is strange don’t you think?

So I think it’s the video card.

If you can, I would try to buy a new PS assuming you can find one to fit in your case, not sure what your form factor isof at least to watts versus your I was planning to install Windows again to see if it’s a bug in the software. Rule out the overheat issue, with the side cover off and blow a fan on it, create as much air flow as you can, make sure no heatsinks are to hot to touch.


I opened the computer case I took the side cover off and the temp. Join the community here.

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Your name or email address: But I am gonna do it in the vacation of christmas, so if the problem is fixed it’s cool but if it’s not I am gonna buy a new PS of W. Anything’s worth a try While I had the case open I noticed that the fan on my mediion card was not spinning, so I removed my card to have a closer look. Or you talking case temp or vid temp? Anyways, just to give you something to do And it wouldn’t hurt to check for viruses and spyware while meeion at it.

If case, that is very hot! If you just need a 40mm fan, here’s one.

It would seem that your problem could be just about every problem a PC can possibly have. I only installed a new fan for my graphic card but further I didn’t do annything at all.

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Medion Radeon 9600 TX Overheating

I installed windows xp again and the screen still turns on stand-by: Didn’t mean to steal the thread Upya! Now that you have the other PS, can you also swap the video card? But that’s a pretty big guess. It depends on the setup of the card. Check out this thread: It is odd, medioj not impossible.

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But the x would be better then x, and the differences between and are not very big. And lastly, it could be your video card is just plain going bad, perhaps it overheated before you replaced the fan and did some msdion This way, you get all new drivers and updates, and then you’ll know for sure if it was just a Windows bug in the game.

If I play Rome: I than replaced the card and again played half life 2 for over a hour with the side of the case off, during this time the fan did not spin at all. Also very hot for video, though the CPU can work alright, but that’s pretty high.

Get the latest DirectX software installed. And it would hurt to run memtest86 on it for a few hours and see if there is raseon RAM errors.