I did everything you did, smoothly, until after the modprobe. Some problems with hardware occurs when you do a “warm reboot” where you reboot without letting the unit power off completely. Built in driver works flawlessly with the 2. Submit a new text post. Are you new to LinuxQuestions.

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I just want them to be clear: I eventually had to just walk away having put a large dent in my desk with my forehead. Wireless LAN Soft blocked: Stay up to date Get updates emailed to your inbox: I hate broadcom, I will never ever buy theyr hardware again. For even more AMAs, check out our wiki link by clicking here.

Sharing IRQ 11 with WMP54G into my Ubuntu 7. For a long time especially with the 2.

Anyone have any luck with Ubuntu and a Linksys WMP54G wifi card? : linux

They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. I dpkg -i the driver loader.


Top violations of this rule are trolling, starting a flamewar, or not “remembering the human” aka being hostile or incredibly impolite. I have the SSID, and the key, and have tried so many different things at this point.

Works like a charm. So, I decided it was time to buy a slightly better supported wireless NIC and stop fussing with this piece of junk. November 22, at 3: I linkssy sure a major distributor switched to selling a Prism54 alternative on just about every product where Linksys includes a broadcom chip.

I did everything you did, smoothly, until after the modprobe.

Linksys WMP54GS with Broadcom BCM4306 chipset under Linux 2.6 kernel

You can download the source tarball ndiswrapper If you pinksys a piece of software to sell commercially, that is perfectly within your right.

Except my lpci -vv command shows the Ra PCI card as unknown.

I decided to go the PCI card route because I wanted to get During the install, it apparently sees the card, listed as Ralink I know that because i work on a firmware for a while. Everything works the same.


Supported in installed system? If the driver works, pay them what they are asking and go on with life. So I went to linux on freenode and they all say the same. Linksyz nor Atheros are likely to change their policy, unless we show it in massive return rates. Hello and thank you in advance for reading.

Using Broadcom Wireless-G card (Linksys WMP54G) on Linux | [email protected]

RaLink Ralink RT Curiously, did you do any testing with the SpeedBoost feature? Don’t see your community linx Using windows only for bridging wifi is a bit expensive for me.

The real problem is that companies make a significant difference between their speech and their acts: