Images had some blurriness in the corners and purple fringing on tree branches and railings in high contrast situations, but overall chromatic aberration was low, especially when shooting at ISO This falls to 2m when the zoom lens is in use. The Fuji Finepix A is a five megapixel digital camera with a three times optical zoom lens. The Bad No manual controls; sluggish operation; average image quality; no burst mode. This camera definitely requires patience. Therefore you will need to buy a high capacity memory card to go with the camera. It is very hard to beat when compared alongside its direct rivals.

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Along with Auto, there are just four basic shooting modes on the Fuji A but they’re the ones most people are likely to use — Night, Sport, Landscape and Portrait. When cranking the fujiilm sensitivity to ISOhowever, noise and digital artifacts increased, which was disappointing, but not unusual for a camera in this class.

I was able to take a single picture in 1. With a new sensor, better autofocus system and more streamlined design, the X line Thankfully, the Fuji A has an adequate optical viewfinder that helps compose pictures in sunlight. This increases to four minutes when the resolution is reduced to x It is common in digital cameras with very long lenses, but it is rare for it to crop up on a camera with a standard 3x zoom.

To help you take the best possible shots there are a small number of scene modes available. The maximum resolution is x and the maximum frame speed is 10 frames per second.


Fujifilm A Review

It is a very simple camera and very easy to use. The camera’s tapered rectangular body has a sleek metallic finish that mimics stainless steel on the handgrip and a ring surrounding the retractable 3x zoom lens. The menu system is very easy indeed to get to grips with and there are also only a very small number of buttons and controls on the camera that you need to get to know.

Sound is not available either. It has no burst capabilities at all beyond a xpixel, frame-per-second Silent Movie mode. Displaying that first image, though, is where the Fuji A starts to get bogged down. Unless you’re a leisurely picture-taker — and I’m definitely not — shooting with the Fuji A can be a frustrating experience.

The optical viewfinder has a handy pair of notches near the top of the frame to mark the “safe” area when shooting at parallax-inducing closer distances. All in all this is a fairly standard looking digital camera. For standard family portraits and landscapes, you’ll likely have a better experience.

Using this ratio avoids the photo having to be trimmed in any way for it to fit onto the paper. Whether cost-cutting measures that affect the Fuji A’s performance will bother you depends on how much experience you’ve had with digital photography so far. However, if you’ve tried other current entry-level models, you’ll quickly notice that the Fuji A lags behind in its overall picture-taking finepx which is why we cannot make it a Dave’s Pick.


Fujifilm FinePix A500 Zoom

Though it feels solidly built, some cost-cutting design choices on the Fuji A are questionable. For one, the camera is very sluggish to use. The built in flash unit has a maximum range of 3.

While its boxy design is pretty generic, the Fuji A is easy to hold and will feel familiar to a first-time digital camera user since it resembles most point-and-shoot film cameras on the market.

Long shutter lag times are also a big turn off. A couple of alkaline ones are supplied with the camera as standard.

Fuji supplies all the necessary cables and software finpeix connect the Finepix A to a printer, computer and PictBridge compatible printer. Despite the progress that’s been made at the lower end of digital photography, you do give up quite a bit in overall performance with this inexpensive snapshooter. Consequently, a small case for this camera is a must.

Fujifilm FinePix A500 5.1 MP Digital Camera – Silver

They had to leave something out didn’t they? The outdoor portrait is another where I have no real complaints.

The top panel has only the shutter-release button ffujifilm a tiny, recessed power switch. The problem is its picture quality. The Bottom Line The appeal of the basic Fujifilm FinePix A’s tiny price tag is offset by its slim feature set and mediocre performance.