Midi Keyboard Setup I’m new to the recodring game and I can’t seem to get my Music Creator to play either through my keyboard or record to a midi track of a project. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Official Representatives Chris D Employee. I appreciate the effort that you put into this technology to develop this. I am still waiting to hear back from Alesis but losing hope fast. I deduced from this that the Alesis was faulty and swapped it out, but when I got home and plugged everything up again, I had the exact same problem. From my reading over the past few days, I have notice mention of the keyboard being in certain modes in order to receive midi data via playback from a computer.

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Project Miniaturisation: (8) Midi problem on the Alesis io2 express with osx

If the eBay cable doesn’t work, try the Amazon one. Thank you for the new information and all the best.

First, get the MC image you want on the screen and press the Print Scr button on your computer keyboard. One other quick notewhat about the midi pllayback setting in my windows OS? Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. The output should be set to the Alesis device to hear the sound alexis your keyboard, unless it’s a MIDI controller, which makes no sounds. Posted on Sep 27, In the Assign Intruments I have my output channels assigned to the microsoft gs wavetable sw synth using instrument option general midi.


Io to the Alesis website and make sure you update the drivers for the iO 2.

I think my original problem was not using a2jmidi. Not a problem Acknowledged In progress Solved.

Midi Keyboard Setup

But getting no signal in. The other folks who have been helping on this topic seem to think this is doable midi track recording from the keyboard but I just need to have the correct channel settings, etc Check your manual for MIDI set-up. Everything is better with pie.

No registered users and 1 guest. All replies Drop Down menu. Seems this is a dead end. It actually looks like the data is coming across the track, but the data iin at the bottom of the track and once I stop the recording the data is erased.??

Anyway, I’ll try and download the Asio drivers and see what that does, meanwhile–I mentioned that I was able to get a mid track to produce recoding result via the pattens in the track resulting in looks like sound waves but the output still the problem. Last edited by b4rney on Thu Jun 07, Where are your speakers or headphones connected?

This is my last obstacle before actually making music! Oh, and about keyboard settings; your Casio is about the same price and features as my Yamaha, which has no settings.


You also have to select an otput for each MIDI track. Today I tried to use an external midi keyboard to work through the Alesis and I had nothing but problems and random occasional midi notes whenever I used the keyboard.

The more I allesis the more it appears this problem has yet to be resolved by Alesis or Apple after several months of complaints. This will appear alesia the post field: They plugged in the M-Box M-track Plus and everything immediately worked correctly.

The sampler machine that we can wear is a new and innovative idea. To post a alwsis shot: I was just able to get a midi track what looks like it’s recording to a new midi track, but no sound out the output.

Okay, I have a Casio WK midi compatable connected thru my alesis usb interface device with the proper connections midi-out usb to midi-in keyboard and visversus. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Make sure the midi out on the keys is connected to the midi In on the interface.